Girls On The Frontlines, Building Peace In Colombia

It could be as a result of their sturdy religious background, because of decades of violence and inside battle, due to the many social and financial issues, or a mix of those. Whilst Colombians are normally very joyful people, they may also be fairly emotional, expressive, sensitive and cussed, and can appear to make a drama out of one thing that appears fairly minor.

Colombians love making jokes, they love sarcasm and so they love speaking. Colombian Spanish is characterized by its use of slang, local expression and double that means jokes.

After Colombia broke free from Spaniard rule in 1819, the provincial government of what we know at present as Sucre tried to dispossess poor farmers of their land and hand them over to royalists of Spanish descent, according to one account. Felicita Campos, a Black peasant farmer, stood her floor when officials got here to steal her lands, mentioned to have used “witchcraft” to show away officials and even army soldiers. As she fought to maintain her residence, she additionally organized fellow peasant farmers to withstand large-scale landowners, sparking a lands rights motion that spread all through the province. Affectionately known as “La Pola,” Policarpa Salavarrieta is remembered as a hero of the Colombian independence motion. When the warfare broke out between the Spanish Royalists and the Revolutionary Forces, Salavarrieta’s household allied with the latter.

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